via Daily Prompt: Knackered

According to Google Knackered means tired and extremely exhausted in British slang. Married to a Brit for 30 years I didn’t need to google it, but thought I would see what the internet said.  This daily prompt fits me today because I have been sick for a week and have felt truly knackered over the last few days.

The British have great slang words, and sometimes I forget which are English and which are American after living with my husband all this time.  I sometimes say I’m bilingual, which really is silly since it is all English.  Sometimes after making a statement people look at me or my husband and I realize that was English slang let me translate that into American.

Knackered is more then tired or exhausted, to me it is feeling beyond exhausted.  You feel knackered! The great thing about the word is it so aptly describes how I’ve been feeling.

As I start to turn a corner and feel a bit better, it has given me time for introspection and reflection about feeling so sick.  Boy did I take feeling good for granted.  All those corny sayings about good health is better then all the money in the world etc.  really are true when you can barely get up off the sofa for a week.   Now that I’ve turned the corner looking forward to feeling better each day.  Looking forward to appreciating my health and wellness more.  Luckily Svaroopa(r) Yoga excels at healing. Luckily I have some great contacts in the health and wellness sphere who are helping me heal as well.

Last night I could actually say I no longer felt knackered, just tired, just not my usual healthy self. Hoping all of you are feeling well, that you appreciate your good health and that no one is feeling knackered.

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